The problem of counterfeit is widespread and almost impossible to fight. Many techniques are used but do not guarantee that the product is not counterfeit even if they are certainly good deterrents.

In recent years I have carried out lengthy research to understand what main problems were and to find out possible solutions.

I visited and worked with companies operating in the security sector as well as companies producing luxury goods. What has emerged is shocking, the counterfeit product is easily inserted into the distribution chain and shops selling original products also have non original ones.

So it is clear that companies producing goods must control the distribution chain.

And how to do it?

My idea is embossing safety symbols with a special micromachine ( an office micromachine) on tax records (bill, invoice, certificate, etc.. Etc..).

The document apparently looks like a blank sheet of paper, instead it contains drawings or codes only visible with a magnifying glass.

This technology would allow inspectors to control the distribution chain and especially to give real elements in case of tax controls by revenue officers at the wholesaler, retailer or carrier.

This new machine is as small as an office printer and contains a special engraved cylinder with a security software generating drawings, lines, microwritings through numerical operations. That means that if you do not know the number sequence it is impossible to create an identical copy.

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